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Crystal Dolphin Retreats

May 30, 2011

dolphin retreat Florida KeysHealing Crystals & Dancing Dolphin Retreats on the waters off of Key West FL. combine the vibrational energy of crystals and gemstones with the magical interactions of the dolphin.
This past April I had the privilege of working with Capt. Victoria Impallomeni in offering these one day retreats. Here is an account of one of our days together.
Our journey begins with a perfect Florida Keys day. Light winds and warm temperatures greeted us as we pushed off the dock. There were 8 of us aboard the IMP II, a comfortable, shaded 25-ft. powerboat guided by Capt. Victoria of Dancing Dolphin Spirit Charters. Captain Victoria Impallomeni-Spencer is native wilderness guide with 36 years experience and an Environmental Marine Science Degree. Together, Capt. Victoria and myself have designed these retreats to offer an opportunity to connect with ourselves, each other, the crystals & stones and the dolphin and ocean where they freely roam.
Soon after we leave the dock. We gather together on the boat to speak aloud our intentions for the day and create a sacred space for healing and blessings to occur. Together, we witness and affirm these intentions for each other. With the crystals and gemstones attuned to the frequency of the dolphins we head out in search of the wild pods.
As we approach the area Capt Victoria calls “the dolphin’s playground”, we spot a single juvenile dolphin in the distance. As the boat slows, the youngster starts to swim towards us doing summersaults. We notice several other dolphin in the distance and soon they are surrounding our boat. There is all kinds of excitement on board, cameras come out, singing Tibetan & Crystal bowls and drums are played. Capt. Victoria puts on a Chant CD by Jonathan Goldman. Now, there are dolphin everywhere. It really does feel like they are dancing with us, as they move right up to the boat, swim down under us and return back to the surface. They move towards the boat, than away, over and over again just like dancing partners.
There is nothing that compares with making eye contact with a wild dolphin. These dolphin were choosing to be with us. They could have easily sped away, but they stayed with us, dancing and swimming all around. It was at this time we  programmed our quartz crystals with the energy and frequency of this dolphin encounter to take back home with us. We also programmed crystals with healing for the waters and offered blessings and thanks to the dolphin for this opportunity to connect and play with them. In this way we were both receiving and giving blessings. It was easy to feel a joyful, heartfelt connection with these intelligent marine mammals.
Capt. Victoria has total respect for the dolphin that she sees most everyday. She is careful not to disturb them if they are feeding. She let them come to us. Knowing many of them by name, she gave us information on how they live, communicate and survive in these waters off of Key West. Its easy to see the special connection she has with them.
Finally it was time to move away from the dolphins as we were heading to an uninhabited mangrove island where we would spend time in nature, exploring the island and creating our very own Crystal Mandalas on the sandy beach.   crystal mandala in the sand
Once we unloaded our lunch and gear we gathered for a brief talk on Crystals and Gemstones. Everyone received a pouch filled with stones to use in the guided crystal meditations and to place in their personal Mandalas. Off we went to collect shells, coral, seaweeds and other natural treasures washed on the shore of the island. Building the mandalas became a creative and meditative process. This was a time for contemplation and connecting with the crystals and beautiful natural environment.
After lunch we boarded our boat and headed to a shallow, sandy bottom, protected swimming area where we could snorkel amongst the soft corals or lazily drift in the warm, clear water. After another guided meditation using the crystals to support our experience, helping us to tune inward towards our personal journey of healing, we headed back to the dock and were once again blessed with another visit by the dolphin. Two sightings in one day!
Being able to connect with these beautiful beings, spending time on the beautiful sandy island and meditating with the healing crystals brought about a deep sense of relaxation, even a feeling of bliss and most certainly a deep sense of contentment and well being.
crystal mandalaEach trip is different, of course, depending on the weather, tides, winds and dolphins. If you would like to experience a Healing Crystals/Dancing Dolphin retreat for yourself, please email me. I will let you know when we schedule another one. These retreats are offered during the winter months Nov-April when I’m back in my winter home in the Florida Keys. To go out with Capt. Victoria any time of year, just contact her directly.
Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent beings on the planet and being with them in their own habitat will amaze you.
Here is what Jamis Sams has to say about Dolphin from her Medicine Cards:
“Dolphin reminds us to tune in to the essence of life by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Dolphin also helps us tune-in to our own rhythm and become one with ‘Mother Nature’s’ rhythm. This medicine teaches us to ride the waves of laughter and spread joy throughout the world.”


dolphin retreat

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Julie August 20, 2011 at 12:59 pm

LOVE your website.
I am looking for a rose quartz heart, for a gift. I couldn’t find one on your website.. do you have any for sale?? If not, can you recommend somewhere in USA I can order a gift???
If you have any with links to the Keys, even better. I spend a lot of time there…
Thank you,


Blondell Davidsmeyer October 10, 2011 at 2:38 pm

I enjoyed reading your article, many thanks.


Karen Aspin February 17, 2012 at 1:08 pm


What a glorious account! I would so love to make this journey with you one of these days. It sounds like you’ve put together an amazing day of activities… yummm!!!

Many blessings to you–and the wondrous dolphins!


Debra February 17, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Karen- it would be a dream come true to have you join us some day. Its a magical experince.


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