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Collecting Blue Barite Crystals in Colorado

June 25, 2016

blue bariteSome of you may know I’m an addict rock hound. I absolutely love going out into the field and collecting rocks and crystals. I recently went to a Blue Barite mine in Harstel Colorado. This was my second collecting trip this year. In May I went to Arkansas to dig quartz crystals. You can read about my trip on my blog.

I’d never come across blue Barite before, so it was very exciting to dig my own Barite crystals. The mine is located on a mine claim, which is open to the public. I was able to obtain permission to dig by stopping in the retail store, Bayou Salado, located in Hartsel, Colorado, two miles from the Blue Barite Claim. Hartsel is just a pause in the road, and the store is easy to find. They also serve coffees and treats, perfect way to start the morning. With directions in hand I began my trip, driving through several closed ranch fences and came to and open mine pit.

After a brief search around I could easily see chips of Barite sparkling in the Colorado sun. With my bucket and tools in hand I quickly found an area to begin digging around. Most of the crystals were small, but this gave me a good feel for what I was looking for.

These Barite crystals form in Single blades, phantom zoning patterns and unique twinning formations. They are composed of barium sulfate with a hardness of 3 to 3.5, making them a very soft crystal. This softness carries over into their energy barite

While sitting on the ground digging for these treasures I could feel a similar energy to another very pretty pale blue stone, Celestite. The Barite was reminding me of this angel stone, yet had a Kyanite-like quality to them. These Colorado Barite’s do seem to have the ability to cut away the attachments we have that hold us back and limit ourselves, similar to Kyanite, yet with a gentle, Celestite energy.

Here is the description I have come up with to explain their energies: Barite assists in releasing attachments to form and structure of life that is based in fear. Barite enables us to discover and manifest our spiritual purpose. It assists us in recognizing where we must let go to allow change in our lives in order for our individual evolutionary process to flourish. Barite assists in activating our connection to the Higher Self and realize other alternative dimensions.

In consulting The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, I found their description of Barite to also be helpful “Barite is an excellent stone to use to balance the body’s brain chemistry. It is helpful in situations of brain degenerative and memory loss.

Holding a Barite in each hand and placing one of the forehead during meditation creates a triangular energy grid within the body helping us to raising our energy frequency and allowing us to experience an ascension into the higher worlds.

bariteWorking with Barite in meditation can facilitate exploration into other worlds such as angels, spirit guides and archetypal deities. Barite is a powerful stone for clearing the higher chakras, the 3rd eye and crown.”

After about an hour of digging and exploring I came across a Barite pocket. A hole dug deeper into the side of slope, where the crystals clung to the walls and ceiling. These stones are actually whitish in color, until they meet the sun and turn pale to deep blue. It was great fun to lean into the pocket to carefully remove the crystals. With lots of patience, I was able to remove a few small cluster of Barite.

If you feel like Barite could be a stone for you to explore, check out my web site to see what’s for sale and enjoy this energy clearing stone for yourself.



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