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Chakra Sound Healing Meditations

Debra & Eric

Debra & Eric

 Chakra Sound Healing Meditation with
Debra Kupchok & Eric Paul Levy

Sound healing meditations create a space to journey together in
vibrational resonance with the pure sounds of the Quartz Crystal singing bowls
and our unique individual voices. In the vibrational state that we create together
we begin to come into harmony with each other and within ourselves.

As we individually open, activate and balance our Chakra Energy
Centers, we also collectively come together to create a vibration of harmony.
This heart opening experience of oneness is the healing process that can occur
during these powerful Chakra sound healing sessions. We can create healing for
ourselves and all beings.

Are Your CHAKRAS in B A L A N C E ?

Are you feeling spiritually connected, creative, loving and trusting, confident, sensual and stable?

You are invited to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance with a Vibrational Sound Healing Meditation with Quartz Singing Bowls and Vocal Toning.

Please Join Debra Kupchok and Eric Paul Levy for a soothing, uplifting, balancing, healing,  vibrational experience.

The resonant, vibrational tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls, combined with Vocal Toning brings a vibrational harmony that can generate an opening in all of the chakras. This invites healing and balance to the entire being. Through our own personal healing, we open the door to heal our lives as well as everything around us.

We hope you’ll join us for this therapeutic and uplifting experience.

 Please view our video recorded at a live Sound Healing Journey filmed in Key West, Florida



Eric Paul Levy

Eric Paul Levy

**Eric Paul Levy is a musician, singer, songwriter, sound healer, Reiki Practitioner and certified health coach who is passionate about creating healing tones through frequencies that promote peace, joy and harmony. His current sound healing CD, ” Good as Gold” leads you on a journey of well-being with sacred vocal toning and modern songs, combing singing bowls, cello, violin, guitars, flute, percussion, saxophone, keyboards, vocals and more to create an intricate soundscape for wellness.  To Purchase “Good as Gold Click Here


sound healing

Debra Kupchok

** Debra Kupchok is a certified Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master who has a passion to awaken consciousness through the healing energies of Crystals and Gemstones. She has been teaching and working with crystals and stones for the past 25 years by giving private crystal consultations and teaching group workshops. Debra designs and creates healing jewelry for her web based business,




To schedule a Chakra Sound Healing Meditation for your group or Yoga Studio email Debra at




The sound healing with Debra and Eric is amazing! During the toning I heard a clarity and tone in my voice that I never experienced before. It was coming from a place deep within. Thank you for offering this meditation.-Cynthia R.

My body vibrated with my own voice, the voices of those around me and the crystal bowls resonating their music.  It was a reawakening into the healing capabilities of sound that I had laid down for too many years.  In this atmosphere of pure energy I was reminded that healing is possible on many, many levels.–Sherry P.

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