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Celebrating Earth Day 2015 With Atlantisite- A Gemstone For Earth Healers

April 17, 2015

This year Earth Day falls on Wednesday  April 22. Its a day set aside to celebrate our planet Earth. I like to use gemstones to help me set intention for blessing the Earth. Working with stones helps me in setting my focus on making simple changes in my home and way of living. The stones act as reminders to the new choices I’m making in my life.

I’ll be using Atlantisite to celebrate Earth Day this year.



Atlantisite is a powerful stone for Earth Healers and those who focus their energies on helping the planet through its current transformations .Atlantasite helps us, so that we can be of service to others and Mother Earth.

Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine & Stichite found in Australia. It’s a beautiful yellowish green stone (the Serpentine) mixed with deep rich purple (the Stichite). This is a wonderful combination of energies to link the heart chakra with the 3rd eye chakra, allowing you to connect to your heart and listen to your inner intuition. It can strengthen feelings of love, compassion and caring for the suffering of others. By opening our hearts to others, we can’t help but be respectful to our Mother Earth. Atlantisite can assist us in connecting to the mind and heart of Mother Nature.

So what can you do this Earth Day and everyday? Here are some simple suggestions.

  • Choose a gemstone like Atlantisite to remind you of your commitment to Planet Earth. Place it somewhere where you will see it everyday, perhaps in your bathroom as a reminder to use less water while you wash.
  • Give up bottled water. According to the Sierra Club, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles every year in the United States. So try a PVC-free stainless steel water bottle and refill it regularly.
  • Incorporate organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo clothing into your wardrobe. The production of non-organic cotton is responsible for 25 percent of the United States’ insecticide usage.
  • Plant a tree, or donate to an organization that will plant one in your name.
  • Take cloth bags to the grocery store. If you’re like me you forget to bring them back to the store each time you shop. Hang them up by your coat rack or where you keep you shoes so you won’t forget next time.
  • Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Better yet, take someone you love with you. Share a beautiful walk filled with love and appreciation for our Earth.
  • Choose eco-friendly cleaning solutions made of lemon juice, vinegar, and essential oils, instead of cleaners with harsh chemicals.
  • Show gratitude for all life

Did you know that Earth Day started in 1970? It all began when Senator Gaylord declared a day to celebrate, learn and teach others about our planet. The emphasis was on learning how to live gently on the Earth. Gaylord wanted to raise awareness about the growing problems with the environment. So, every year a day is set aside to focus on the environment and the planet we all share together. Wouldn’t it be nice if we celebrated every day as if it were Earth Day?

There are many little ways we can make a difference to help our planet. Making small life style changes can add up to big differences if we all pitch in. We can make an impact on the planet’s health.

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