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Buying Crystals & Stones At The Denver Gemshow

September 1, 2014

It’s that time of year again! The International Denver Gem Show is right around the corner. Held every year in mid- September, the Denver Gem Show is the 2nd largest Gem Show in the US. (2nd to the Tucson gemshow) The Denver show is really 5 different shows held at different locations around Denver Colorado. Some of the shows are open only to those with wholesale licenses, while other shows are open to the general public for retail sales.

Each year the show starts earlier and earlier, which means I get to stay there longer and longer. This year I’ll be going for 6 days, so that I can be there for the opening of all the shows. I’ve been attending the Denver shows for the last 17 years. Over this time new shows have been added and more and more dealers from around the world join in showcasing their amazing, spectacular and impressive collections of crystals, stones, minerals, fossils and array of beads. I’ve developed many personal relationships with the gem dealers over the years. It’s a great time to catch up on life, visit and learn about what’s new in the Gem World. I’m always amazed at the latest new discovery in the crystal kingdom and every year brings its own surprises.

I often purchases stones directly from the miners who personally collect the gems straight from Mother Earth. These people have such love and passion for what they do. These stones, fresh from the earth hold a juicy, crisp energy, just like a garden picked tomato.

I’m just like a kid in a candy store and the stones are certainly eye candy. I show up every year with list in hand on the lookout for certain stones to add to the collection and always open to new discoveries that await me. I hand select each and every stone, feeling its vibration and searching for the best quality. I carefully select every strand of gemstone beads which go into in my healing jewelry designs.gemstone beads

This year’s 47th Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show is September 12– 14, 2014 at the Denver Merchandise Mart and is open to the public. Every year this show features opportunities for educational programs, displays and exhibits, along with show cases of the finest quality mineral specimens from around the world. Viewing these exhibits is like taking a stroll into a world class rock museum. It’s always worth a trip to visit these amazing displays. This year they’re featuring the stone Agate in all is many forms and colors. To learn more about this show check out their web site: Denver Gem Show.

I’ll be posting my new discoveries daily from the Denver Gem show on my Facebook Page, join me there to see what new treasures I uncover.

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