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Awakening on the Spiritual Path with Crystals & Stones

June 3, 2010

Walking the Crystal Labyrinth

I went to Vermont in May to attend the  Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening and Co- creating with Crystals, Minerals and Gems. The conference was led by Robert Simmons author of “The Book of Stones” which in the field of Crystals is now considered the “must- have” book on learning about the metaphysical properties of gemstones.
This conference however went much further into the exploration of our relationship with the stones. I’ve been trying now for almost 2 weeks to put into words my experiences of this intensive workshop. What I’ve recently come to realize is,  my difficulty in finding the words to describe what I learned at the 4 day seminar is  beacuse this conference was more of an experience rather than “learning”. While my mind wants to make sense of the weekend, it was my heart, that was awakened into the awareness of a partnership with the stones. Robert reminded me of my co- creative relationship with the stone beings. Each one of us can bring the qualities of the stones into manifestation through our awareness of them and through our own spiritual connection to nature and the divine. This is the awakening process. The stones can help us awaken and as we do we awaken, their message and their qualities can be realized. As we awaken, we help the whole planet to awaken. That is the message of the stone called Azezulite. It carries the awakened frequency of Quartz.

So, while I can talk about how wonderful it was to be lead on a Shamanic Journey to find my Crystal Ally or how much fun it was to create high vibrational crystal meditation tools with stones like Azezutlite and Phenacite or the delight I had in creating mandalas that represented the vibration of the stones, or the deep meditation I felt while walking the Crystal Labyrinth, it is much more abstract to talk about what it was like to invite the stones into my heart, like a guest in my home. How can I put into words the experience of meeting Sophia? Sophia is the divine feminine of wisdom, called the Soul of the World. She is not visible to us, yet we see her through the beauty and harmony that exists in nature.  The stones can be seen as an expression of this wisdom, of Sophia. 
The New Consciousness that Simmons speaks of is coming from that place where your body feels Joy, your mind knows Truth and your heart knows Love. Then we will be living in The Light. The New Consciousness is an activity. The activity of blessing. To offer a blessing is to wish someone well, it comes from the heart. When we offer blessings out to the world we notice the divine wisdom in everything, everywhere. I invite you, as Robert Simmons invited all of us to offer blessings out to the world in everything you see, together we can bring more Joy into this world. After all, isn’t this the true messages of the stones?  Isn’t this why we so enjoy picking up and holding a crystal?
I do know that this conference will move my own classes and teaching forward. I am still absorbing all I “learned”.  If you’d like more information on this workshop or my Crystal Awareness Classes, please contact me.

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