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Amethyst for Meditation: Looking for Wisdom

January 18, 2009

amy-om-smI admit, I let my meditation practice slip. It hasn’t disappeared, just been put on hold. Until today. Today I put on my OM necklace with Amethyst and sat down to meditate. Inspired to come back to my meditation cushion by a Dharma Talk given by Lama Migmar Tseten. Lama Migmar is a Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University. He founded the Sakya Institute in Cambridge, MA.

 Lama Migmar is visiting here in Key West FL, giving talks to help “Free Your Mind” from stress, and emotional patterns that cause confusion in our lives. He presented an overview of basic techniques found in the wisdom traditions of Tibetan Buddhism for achieving tranquility and insight, cultivation of positive emotions and achieving a state of awakening. He reminded me that through meditation we can free our minds from wondering thoughts and focus attention. Through focused attention we can find insight. Through insight we can find wisdom. Through wisdom we can hold the personal experience that allows us to see the ultimate nature of ourselves, ONENESS with all things, oneness with the universe, and experiencing true awakening. Lama Migmar explained that when we have the experience of oneness we will experience complete peace, complete joy and perfection.In listening to his words, I was reminded of my favorite gemstone to use while meditating- Amethyst.

 While there are many stones that help in a meditation practice, I find Amethyst to be the one I always go to. Amethyst represents pure existence and through this pure existence it assist us in quieting our minds, finding attention and focus, moving into awareness, insight and wisdom. From this place of wisdom awakening to the oneness can come.

I felt a deeper connection to my meditation today, a deeper quietness.

Thanks Lama Migmar, thanks Amethyst.

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