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Tips For A Relaxing Holiday Season Using Crystals & Gemstones

During the holidays it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the parties, shopping and busy activities of the season. This year the best gift you can give your friends and loved ones is a healthy, relaxed YOU!  If you truly want to enjoy this special time of year, give yourself some self nurturing. 
Crystals and gemstones can help you stay calm, centered and focused during this stressful time of year.
Here are some ways to use Crystals & Gemstones to help you stay  in the holiday spirit of love, joy and happiness.
1. Stay focused.  We lose so much of our energy when we aren’t clear and focused on the project at hand.  Instead of multi-tasking, give yourself the joy of focused attention.  If you are having trouble staying focused, try using a Hematite or wear a Hematite necklace or bracelet. >> Continue reading
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