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7 Day Chakra Balancing Program- Overview

January 13, 2013

Welcome to the Spirals of Light 7 day program to balance, activate and energize your chakras. Each day we will explore one of the 7 Chakras and learn how to bring that Chakra into balance. This program is based upon my Aromatherapy Gemstone Infused Chakra Sprays which were created to increase the quality of your health, body, mind and spirit. But even if you don’t have the Chakra Sprays you can still follow along with the program. For more information on the Aromatherapy Chakra Sprays please see my web site. The intention of this program is to help you improve the function of your chakras by restoring the flow of energy to each Chakra, bringing balance and well-being to your entire body. You can begin this program on any day of the week. Start whenever you like. This program was designed to be used for 7 seven consecutive days. You may […]

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The Spirals of Light 7 Day Chakra Balancing Program begins Sunday January 13th 2013.

January 12, 2013

Sunday, January 13 is the day we start the Chakra Balancing Program. This 7 Day Chakra Program is based upon my Aromatherapy Gemstone Infused Chakra Sprays which were created to increase the quality of your health, body, mind and spirit. To purchase the Aromatherapy Chakra Sprays please see my web site. (You don’t need to have the Chakra’s Sprays in order to participate!) To join the 7 Day Chakra Balancing Program, simply subscribe to my blog. You will receive the daily posts through your email. The Spirals of Light Chakra Sprays combine Essential Oils, Gemstones and energetic Reiki programming to create a unique and powerful Healing Program. Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils. These oils are the volatile oils found in plants, flowers, bark, roots, seeds, and resins. Essential oils are referred to as the ” essence” of the plant. These oils are the life force of the plants and […]

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Ventifactos, also known as Bell Stones from Argentina

September 24, 2012

Here are some really interesting stones! Ventifactos, also known as Bell Stones are from Argentina. They are a recent discovery made by one of my long time Crystal Dealers, who personally hand picks these unique forms of Basalt. These black stones are  naturally sculpted by the wind and sand. They are volcanic Basalt, containing, Iron, Nickle and Titanium. Each one is uniquely shaped. During my recent buying trip to the Denver Gem Show, I popped into Seann’s room to discover these exciting new stones. I was immediately intrigued by these unusual black stones. As Seann explained to me where and how these volcanic stones are found, I became even more interested in them. Then he picked up a pair and struck them together. When hit together they make a clean, deep tone, that resonated all throughout my body. This sound is described as primeval music which naturally supports healing energy […]

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Denver Gem Show 2012 Part Two: the unpacking

September 23, 2012

  This year’s Denver Gem Show was another fabulous year, with all of the same dealers and several new ones to explore. I found some great new stones this year, which always makes the show worth going to. I never know just what l’ll find or what will entice me. This year was no exception in fine quality crystals, gemstones, minerals, beads and jewelry. I came home with boxes and boxes of glorious new treasures from Mother Earth.   It takes days and days to unpack all the new stones. This year I set up several tables outdoors on my deck and laid out and unpacked all the goodies. The stones enjoy being outside in the sunlight, and so do I. It’s a slow process, sorting, organizing, pricing and admiring these natural beauties. So many of the new stones are from countries all around the world. They come packed in […]

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Denver Gem Show 2012-Part one: the anticipation.

September 8, 2012

The Denver Gem Show, held every year in mid- September is the 2nd largest Gem Show in the US. Second to the grand daddy of all shows which takes over the city of Tucson AZ. every winter. Denver’s Show features many of the same international gem dealers. The Denver Gem Show is really 5 shows in one, held at several different venues throughout north Denver. Several of the shows are only open to dealers, you must have a re-sale liscense to attend, while others are open to the general public. I’ve been attending this show for the past 15 years and have watched it grow in size with dealers from around the world and new shows added. I prepare for this show months in advance with much anticipation. I feel just like a little kid waiting for Christmas before the show rolls around. I begin making lists of what I’ll […]

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Namaste: Its Meaning and Origin

September 4, 2012

You’ve heard the word Namaste before, maybe in your Yoga Class. But do you know what it means and where it comes from? I often use Namaste in my Yoga Jewelry designs, so I decided to do a little research to find out its origins and meaning. Namaste, pronounced ” na-ma-stay” is both a spoken expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting one another or in parting. The word comes from the Sanskrit and translates as “I bow to you”. According to wikipedia, namah means bow, te means to you. Namaste is commonly translated in several ways. I most often hear it expressed as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you”, “the God within me greets the God within you” or “the spirit in me meets the same spirit in you”. When used as a hand gesture the palms of the hands come together over […]

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Lotus Flowers And The Chakras

August 7, 2012

I love creating jewelry with the lotus flower. Lotus flowers are associated with the 7 main Chakra energy centers. Each Chakra has a different shape lotus flower. I found these wonderful sterling silver charms with the lotus flower of each chakra on one side and the name of the chakra on the other side. I combined the chakra charms with 7 different gemstones which correspond to the chakras to create this Chakra Balancing Necklace. To purchase the necklace go to my web site The first Chakra, located at the base of the spine is called the Root Chakra or Muladhara chakra.The first chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with four petals, and its shape is triangular. The second Chakra, located just below the belly button is called the Sacral Chakra or Swadishthana. The second chakra is represented by a six-petaled lotus and is circular in shape. The third Chakra […]

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Green Garnet, A Prosperity Stone

April 2, 2012

Looking for a new prosperity gemstone? Check out Green Garnet.  They are wonderful for encouraging prosperity and overcoming scarcity, lack and limitations. Certainly a stone for these crazy economic times. Green Garnet can be the catalyst for changing your thinking from one of lack into one of abundance. If you are ready to begin seeing all that you do have, rather than everything you don’t have, Green Garnet can show you the way. Green Garnet’s loving energy helps us to overcome scarcity by reinforcing the loving vibration of the Earth. The Earth provides unlimited resources. Tap into this awareness with the help of Green Garnet. Reach into the unlimited potential within yourself. When you see yourself as abundant on the inside, abundance will be reflected on the outside. Green Garnet helps us to perceive true abundance in our lives, which can’t be measure by material possessions.   Green Garnet’s gift is to […]

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CoralCalcite a beautiful blending of Coral & Calcite

March 29, 2012

Coralcalcite is a combination of Coral and Calcite, found in South Florida.   The structure and patterns of the Coral are still visibly. Over the years Calcite  has come in and covered over the coral. Coralcalcite is a beautiful blending of  the animal and mineral kingdom. I was first introduced to CoralCalcite in 2010 when Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones showed me several pieces he found while vacationing in Florida. I immediately felt a connection to these pieces. I spend the winter months in the Florida Keys and had seen these stones before, but I didn’t know if it was Coral or Calcite or what special properties it held. Through meditation Robert discovered the wonderful healing qualities theses stones hold.  Coralcalcite can assist in enhancing the level of vibration and harmony of   the entire body, enabling us to become more crystalline. Coralcalcite stimulates   the solar plexus Chakra, our place of will, […]

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Aromatherapy Gemstone Infused Chakra Sprays To Balance The Chakras

March 26, 2012

Combing essential oils with gemstones is a perfect way to open, balance and activate the chakras. The sense of smell has a powerful effect on our well being. Both Crystals and Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing. So, I decided to combine them into a Gemstone infused Aromatherapy spray. Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils which come from plants, flowers, bark, roots and resins. There are records left by ancient Egyptians depicting the use of essential oils. After taking several aromatherapy classes I decided to research which essential oils would balance the chakras. I’ve been creating Chakra Balancing Jewelry using gemstones for years, so it was easy for me to apply these stone combinations to the oils and custom make Chakra balancing sprays. As a Reiki Master I add a Reiki Healing activation to each bottle, adding to the healing […]

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