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Healing Crystals & Dancing Dolphins Workshop

March 12, 2011

  I am so excited about teaching a crystal class on the water with the dolphins. This has long been a dream of mine to bring people out into a natural setting with the dolphins. I am so pleased to be working with Capt. Victoria on this next class on April 17, 2011. This is sure to be a magical day on the water with  Healing Crystals & Dancing Dolphins. We’ll explore the world of Crystals & Gemstones aboard the IMP II, a comfortable, shaded 25-ft. powerboat. We’ll be guided by Capt. Victoria of Dancing Dolphin Spirit Charters. She will bring us to a shallow, protected area where the healing electromagnetic field of the dolphins can be felt. We will glide over peaceful, serene waters. Snorkel the shallow coral and visit the dolphins colorful friends in their watery playground. Picnic on a tropical mangrove island with beautiful birds and natural beaches.  Together we’ll  experience the healing […]

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Removing Obstacles with Ganesh & Kyanite

January 27, 2011

The New Year offers us a chance to bring our dreams, desires and wishes into our lives. But sometimes we run into problems manifesting new year intentions because we first have to move around the obstacles standing in the way. Those obstacles can often be our emotions or thought patterns. If we take our old automatic responses with us into the year will anything really change? The first few weeks of the New Year offer us a wonderful opportunity to examine the thoughts that are holding us back from achieving what we are wishing for. Take a close look at the obstacles that stand in you way. What behavior or thought is preventing you from achieving the things you desire? I find calling on Ganesh the Hindu elephant-headed god can help me move forward around the obstacles or hindrances in my life. Ganesh ( Ganesha. Ganeshe) is the Lord of successes and the destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is worshipped as the god of […]

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Giving Thanks

November 25, 2010

On this Thanksgiving day, I pause to give thanks for all that I have in my life, from wonderful, caring friends to a job that I love. Each and everyday there is reason to give thanks, not just on this one day that we in the US celebrate. Giving thanks for what we have in our lives is healing, brings compassion and helps us to see the world in a better place. I’d like to share some thoughts on giving thanks and having gratitude from different sources that  have helped me. For some great ideas on how to cultivate gratitude as part of a yoga practice see Yoga Journal’s list of articles. Cultivating gratitude is less an act of creating something that isn’t there and more of a practice of realizing what is. It’s about reminding yourself of the miracles embedded in every second of every day—from the largest blessings to the smallest moments. By practicing […]

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Surround Yourself In Nature’s Radiant Beauty

October 28, 2010

I love it when a walk in nature inspires a creative jewelry idea. I try to get outside everyday for a walk in the sunshine. My little Jack Russell Terrier is a good excuse to get outdoors and get some exercise. She enjoys her freedom off leash roaming in the woods and I enjoy some quiet time in nature.   About a month ago I was taking a walk in the woods with my dog near my summer home in southwest Colorado. I was on a familiar trail, one I often take. I don’t know what is was that particular day, that caused me to focus on the magnificent Ponderosa fir trees. I stood in front of these tall, straight, solid sentinels and felt such appreciation for their majestic beauty. As I walked along feeling grateful for the day and these beautiful trees, I begin to imagine which gemstones these […]

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Aqua Aura- A Dolphin Stone

October 5, 2010

While I don’t normally work with color-enhanced stones, I’ve come to be very fond of Aqua Aura.  Not only is its color mesmerizing, so is its energy.  Aqua Aura is created by taking quartz crystals and infusing them with a pure Gold powder.  This special treatment process bonds the surface of the crystal with the vaporized Gold creating the vivid blue color of Aqua Aura. This process is a fusion of nature and science.  Its kept as a secret process requiring high temperatures. It’s like alchemy, changing two substances into something different, something more than each one alone. Over the many years of buying and selling stones I have personally witness the appeal Aqua Aura has over people. During the years I owned my metaphysical gift shop in the Florida Keys, I observed how people would be drawn to this stone.  Perhaps at first it is the visual appeal of […]

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Atantisite- A Stone for Earth Healing

September 28, 2010

    I recently returned from my biggest buying trip of the year. I spent several days shopping for gems, beads and stones at the International Denver Gemshow. Every year a new stone catches my eye. This year one of the new stones that made its way back with me was Atlantisite. While it wasn’t exactly new to me, I had seen it at other shows, this was the year I couldn’t pass it up. I never really know why a particular stone will call out to me at these shows. But I have learned to listen. Sometimes it’s the energy I am personally needing and other times the stone is meant for someone else. In this case, I just can’t put this extraordinary stone down. I am really drawn to this one. Not knowing very much about it, I decided not to go to the resource books to look […]

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Fuchsite Connects Us To The Nature Spirits

September 27, 2010

      Fuchsite, a sparkly Heart Chakra Stone is closely connected to the Nature Spirits and Fairy Realm.  After holding raw, unpolished Fuchsite you will be left with “fairy dust” in your hand. These small particles of Fuchsite closely resemble mica, because Fuchsite is a form of Mica or Muscovite. It gets its green color from the mineral Chromium. Because of its close relationship to the Nature Elements it is a wonderful stone for Holistic Healers, Shamans, Herbalists or anyone who loves to work in the garden or with nature. Try holding a piece of Fuchsite and see if indeed its energy feels very familiar.  If you are looking to work with the Fairies and attract them to you, leave a piece of Fuchsite outdoors near a place you like to sit. Go there often and see if the Fairies have left you any messages.   Fuchsite has a very soothing vibration and for this it is very useful […]

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Practicing Yoga By The Lake

July 13, 2010

The  early morning sunlight filters through the Gambel Oaks and Ponderosa  Trees.  The hummingbirds are already active, searching for anything red, including my bandana.  There is a deep quite, a peace in these woods. I take my yoga mat down by the lake.  Big mountain views greet me. The lake is reflective this morning, gentle  ripples creating never ending patterns. I place my yoga mat on the grass, in the sun, craving the warmth. The  cool mountain air brings a chill to my still sleepy body.  As  I begin my yoga  practice I face the sun in the east and begin doing Sun Salutations ( Surya Namaskar), sweeping my arms up over my head, reaching towards the sun, giving thanks for the warmth it provides, shining light on these beautiful grasses that surround this mountain lake.  I bow down towards the earth, connecting to the Mother who provides me with everything […]

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Awakening on the Spiritual Path with Crystals & Stones

June 3, 2010

I went to Vermont in May to attend the  Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening and Co- creating with Crystals, Minerals and Gems. The conference was led by Robert Simmons author of “The Book of Stones” which in the field of Crystals is now considered the “must- have” book on learning about the metaphysical properties of gemstones. This conference however went much further into the exploration of our relationship with the stones. I’ve been trying now for almost 2 weeks to put into words my experiences of this intensive workshop. What I’ve recently come to realize is,  my difficulty in finding the words to describe what I learned at the 4 day seminar is  beacuse this conference was more of an experience rather than “learning”. While my mind wants to make sense of the weekend, it was my heart, that was awakened into the awareness of a partnership with […]

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How to use Crystals & Gemstones to Communicate with the Angels

March 28, 2010

  Different Crystals and Gemstones can help us to facilitate our communication with the Angelic Realm. Some of the Angel gemstones like Serpahinite, Selenite, Celestite, Charoite, Angelite, and Danburite can assist us in contacting the angels. Angel stones can act as physical representations of the energies of the Angelic Realm. Certain stones have vibrations that closely match the angels and can be used as a gateway or bridge so that we can more easily enter into the world of angels. Stones can help us to open our inner vision to perceive the angels. Think of them as the Angel energy in form. Angel stones can be used to attract the angels into your life. Not because the angels need to be attracted in, they are always present, but because we may not be present to them. These stones open us to the angels. The Angels are just waiting for the […]

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