Ventifactos, also known as Bell Stones from Argentina

Ventifacto stones, a form of Basalt

Here are some really interesting stones! Ventifactos, also known as Bell Stones are from Argentina. They are a recent discovery made by one of my long time Crystal Dealers, who personally hand picks these unique forms of Basalt. These black stones are  naturally sculpted by the wind and sand. They are volcanic Basalt, containing, Iron, Nickle and Titanium. Each one is uniquely shaped.

During my recent buying trip to the Denver Gem Show, I popped into Seann’s room to discover these exciting new stones. I was immediately intrigued by these unusual black stones. As Seann explained to me where and how these volcanic stones are found, I became even more interested in them. Then he picked up a pair and struck them together. When hit together they make a clean, deep tone, that resonated all throughout my body. This sound is described as primeval music which naturally supports healing energy and brings all the chakras into balance. It is for this “musical” quality that these stones are also called Bell Stones.

Bell Stones

I couldn’t help but run my fingers along their smooth shapes. They felt very calming and grounding to me. I decided to bring some back and introduce them to my crystal loving clients and friends. I’m still exploring my set, but I feel they can offer a very deep healing, if one is willing to look within from a safe and nurturing place. The energy of these stones can provide stability while moving through change and transformation.
They are fascinating formations and are sold in a set, with one long stone and one smaller stone as the striker. They are available on my web site for a limited time.

Seann collecting Ventifactos in Argentina

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Denver Gem Show 2012 Part Two: the unpacking


Giant Quartz Crystal

This year’s Denver Gem Show was another fabulous year, with all of the same dealers and several new ones to explore. I found some great new stones this year, which always makes the show worth going to. I never know just what l’ll find or what will entice me. This year was no exception in fine quality crystals, gemstones, minerals, beads and jewelry. I came home with boxes and boxes of glorious new treasures from Mother Earth.


It takes days and days to unpack all the new stones. This year I set up several tables outdoors on my deck and laid out and unpacked all the goodies. The stones enjoy being outside in the sunlight, and so do I. It’s a slow process, sorting, organizing, pricing and admiring these natural beauties. So many of the new stones are from countries all around the world. They come packed in newspapers from their country of origin. Too bad I don’t read Portuguese as many of my new Quartz Crystals came from Brazil. It’s so funny to try and read the advertisements.

New stones clearing in the sunlight

A small portion of the new crystals and gemstones will go on my web site, I’m adding new stones everyday.

The rest will be sold at Crystal Classes, Trunk Shows and my own showroom in Big Pine Key, FL. The yummy gemstone beads will be incorporated into jewelry designs, many of which are one of a kind.

This year’s acquisition includes some old favorites- all sizes and forms of Amethyst. Everyone loves Amethyst and it is a must have stone. This year I purchased a nice size table top Amethyst Cathedral along with small deep purple Amethyst Clusters and single points. I re-stocked Selenite, a favorite for melting away blockages. I found several beautiful Crystal Balls, one has a small crystal growing inside of it. Very special indeed. I found lots of different stone massage wands, wonderful for relieving tension. The bead list includes yummy purple Sugilite, Sunstone, Moonstone, Larimar, Turquoise, Seraphinite, Kyanite and so many more.

There were several brand new stones added to my collection this year. Some very special healing stones which I hope to write articles on as soon as I get them ready for sale. Stay tuned for information on Ventifactos, (also known as Bell Stones), White Moldavite, Auralite and Shungite from Russia.

From large to the very small, each stone is hand chosen with love and care. With so many stones to look at, it is a labor of love to hand pick each stone. I saw a bumper sticker on a car this year that said, “Rockalcoholic.” I think that fits me. I can hardly wait to next year’s show!

Looking for a new stone? Email me, maybe I have what you are looking for.

Auralite-23, a new stone from Canada


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Denver Gem Show 2012-Part one: the anticipation.

Amethyst Cathedrals

The Denver Gem Show, held every year in mid- September is the 2nd largest Gem Show in the US. Second to the grand daddy of all shows which takes over the city of Tucson AZ. every winter. Denver’s Show features many of the same international gem dealers. The Denver Gem Show is really 5 shows in one, held at several different venues throughout north Denver. Several of the shows are only open to dealers, you must have a re-sale liscense to attend, while others are open to the general public.

I’ve been attending this show for the past 15 years and have watched it grow in size with dealers from around the world and new shows added. I prepare for this show months in advance with much anticipation. I feel just like a little kid waiting for Christmas before the show rolls around. I begin making lists of what I’ll need to purchase weeks ahead of time as this is my big buying show of the year. I prefer to purchase my healing crystals, stones and gemstone beads used in my jewelry designs at this show, where I can hand select the strands of beads that will be used in my Yoga, Chakra and other jewelry lines. This way I can be sure of the quality of the beads and crystals I’m purchasing.

Because I’ve been going to these shows for so long, I’ve developed personal relationships with many of the dealers. Its a great way to visit with each other and catch up on all the news in the Gem World. Often they will share photos of new mines that are producing amazing stones from around the world and introduce me to many new crystals and gemstones, some just coming to market for the very first time. I’m always delighted to see what’s new in the Mineral Kingdom.

The 45th Annual Denver Gem and Mineral Show September 14 – 16, 2012, held at the Denver Merchandie Mart is open to the public. Every year this show features many fine educational programs, displays and exhibits, along with show cases of the finest quality mineral specimens from around the world. Viewing these exhibits is like taking a stroll into a world class rock museum. Its always worth a trip to visit these amazing displays. This year they’re featuring Copper and Copper Minerals. To learn more about this show check out their web site: Denver Gem Show

This year I’ll be getting a “jump start” on the shows. I arrive on the 9th, a few days  before the official start of the show’s opening on the 12th.  They say, “the early bird catches the worm”. I’m going to be an early bird this year. Stay tuned- I’ll be posting my new discoveries on my Facebook Page.

Large Smokey Quartz

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Namaste: Its Meaning and Origin

Namaste Copper Pendant with GemstonesYou’ve heard the word Namaste before, maybe in your Yoga Class. But do you know what it means and where it comes from?
I often use Namaste in my Yoga Jewelry designs, so I decided to do a little research to find out its origins and meaning.
Namaste, pronounced ” na-ma-stay” is both a spoken expression and a symbolic gesture that people use when greeting one another or in parting. The word comes from the Sanskrit and translates as “I bow to you”.
According to wikipedia, namah means bow, te means to you. Namaste is commonly translated in several ways. I most often hear it expressed as “the divine light in me honors the divine light in you”, “the God within me greets the God within you” or “the spirit in me meets the same spirit in you”.
When used as a hand gesture the palms of the hands come together over the Heart Chakra in a prayer position, with the head slightly lowered as you say Namaste to the person you are greeting. You may also start by putting your hands together and placing them on your by your 3rd Eye Chakra (forehead), slightly bow and than bring the hands to the heart chakra. This is a symbol of deep respect. I’ve also come across a third gesture of Namaste. This form, of placing the prayer hands over the top of the head, is only used to honor God or spiritual gurus. This gesture shows the most reverence.
According to Indian tradition, bringing the hands together in a prayer position is a symbolic gesture that represents the higher self and acknowledges the divine within. The right hand represents the higher self and the left hand represents the lower self. When putting the two palms together these two aspects of ourselves come together and connect with the person we are greeting. Bowing expresses love and respect.
Namaste is a gesture of respect and can be used by any person no matter what their religious or spiritual belief is. Namasté is the recognition that we are all equal and share a common divinity.
Many yoga instructors close their classes by performing namaste as a sign of appreciation and honor for their students, inviting them to connect with their own heart and truth. Namaste can be simply used as a greeting, like saying “hi” or “hello” Try using it, see it as another way of connecting with your friend or loved one.
As Namaste becomes popularized in our modern culture, I’m finding more interesting and unique charms and pendants to incorporate into my gemstone jewelry designs. It’s a great way to wear this symbol of respect which represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us.
This Namaste Charm Pendant is available for sale by clicking HERE.

Namaste Charm Pendant

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Lotus Flowers And The Chakras

I love creating jewelry with the lotus flower.

Chakra Necklace with Lotus Symbols

Lotus flowers are associated with the 7 main Chakra energy centers. Each Chakra has a different shape lotus flower. I found these wonderful sterling silver charms with the lotus flower of each chakra on one side and the name of the chakra on the other side. I combined the chakra charms with 7 different gemstones which correspond to the chakras to create this Chakra Balancing Necklace. To purchase the necklace go to my web site

The first Chakra, located at the base of the spine is called the Root Chakra or Muladhara chakra.The first chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with four petals, and its shape is triangular.

The second Chakra, located just below the belly button is called the Sacral Chakra or Swadishthana. The second chakra is represented by a six-petaled lotus and is circular in shape.

The third Chakra is located just above the belly button is called the Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura chakra. The lotus for the third Chakra is a ten-petaled lotus

The fourth Chakra is located at the center of our chest. It is called the Heart Chakra or Anahata Chakra. The lotus for the fourth Chakra is a twelve-petaled lotus. This lotus symbol is represented by the shape of two triangles, one pointing up, the other down. This symbolizes the joining of earth and heaven at the heart.

The fifth Chakra is located at the throat. It is called the Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi Chakra. The Throat Chakra has a sixteen-petaled lotus.

The sixth Chakra is located between the eyes on the forehead. It is called the Brow, 3rd Eye or Ajna Chakra. The 3rd eye Chakra is represented by a Lotus with two petals.

The seventh Chakra is located at the top of the head. It is called the Crown Chakra or The Sahasrara Chakra. The Lotus associated with the Crown Chakra is the thousand petaled lotus.
This necklace offers a wonderful way to open and balance the energy flow of the chakras
To purchase this Lotus necklace with Chakra Gemstones, please see my web site: .

For more information on the Chakra Energy System, please go to my web site: 

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Wear Lotus Flower Jewelry As A Symbol For Your Spiritual Journey

Why wear a lotus flower as a piece of jewelry?

Lotus Charm Necklace

In many cultures the Lotus Flower symbolizes spiritual awareness. It is often used as symbol of enlightenment. Wearing a Lotus Flower necklace or pendant is a wonderful reminder of our own individual, unfolding spiritual journey.

As a Yoga practitioner and gemstone jewelry designer, I love to create inspiring pieces of jewelry to assist me and others on the spiritual path. I often use the Lotus flower symbol in my jewelry designs. I’ll explain the meaning and significance of the Lotus flower. You just might want to wear this beautiful symbol as a representation of your own spiritual path.

Meaning and Significance of the Lotus

The lotus flower is special in so many ways.
This many petaled flower is often found growing in dirty, muddy water, where it reaches beyond the muck to float on top of the water displaying its beauty. This symbolizes our own personal journey of growing out of difficult or painful situations to reach our true, loving, radiant nature.
Just as the Lotus can grow in difficult environments, we too can preserve and retain our inner beauty no matter what outer situations may bring. Even when the Lotus flower’s roots are in the dirtiest waters, it produces a spectacular flower.

The amazing seed of the Lotus flower contains perfectly formed leaves just as they will be once the plant has matured and bloomed. Symbolically, we can see that, just like the Lotus flower, every person is already born perfect. Perfection is held inside each of us awaiting the opportunity to emerge when we finally become aware of our own perfection.

To purchase these Lotus Flower jewelry, please go to my web site: Spirals of Light.

Lotus with Pearls & Garnet

And there is more! The Lotus’ buds, blossom and seed pods are all on the plant at the same time. It does not have to go from seed, to bud to blossom but can be in all stages of growth at one time. This is symbolized as the past, present and future.

The Lotus is actually in the water lily family. There are five different types of lotus flowers within two different genus, the Nelumbo and the Nymphaea.

There are four different colors of lotus,pink, blue, red and white represented as different aspects of perfection. Red represents the heart–its purity, original nature, compassion, passion, love and other qualities. White symbolizes spiritual perfection and complete mental purity. Pink represents the Buddha and is the supreme lotus. Blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses.

Different cultures view the Lotus in different ways 

Lotus charm with Amethyst

The Egyptians used the lotus to symbolize the sun and rebirth.

In Buddhism the lotus flowers represents purity of speech, mind and body as it rises out of the muddy water which represents desires and attachments. The lotus is represented as one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. Buddha is often shown sitting on a lotus flower. It is believed that the heart of all beings is like an unopened lotus and when the virtues of the Buddha are realized the heart will open like a lotus.  (This Lotus Pendant is available for sale at

In Hinduism the Lotus symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth. Like Buddhism, this flower also means purity and divinity. It is found in the Bhagavad Gita, “One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water.

“As a Lotus Flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I. born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world”—Buddha

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Celebrating Earth Day 2012 With Atlantisite- A Gemstone For Earth Healers

This year Earth Day falls on Sunday April 22. Its a day set aside to celebrate our planet Earth. I like to use gemstones to help me set intention for blessing the Earth. Working with stones helps me in setting my focus on making simple changes in my home and way of living. The stones act as reminders to the new choices I’m making in my life.

I’ll be using Atlantisite to celebrate Earth Day this year.

Atlantisite Pendant

Atlantisite is a powerful stone for Earth Healers and those who focus their energies on helping the planet through its current transformations .Atlantasite helps us, so that we can be of service to others and Mother Earth.

Atlantisite is a combination of Serpentine & Stichite found in Australia. It’s a beautiful yellowish green stone (the Serpentine) mixed with deep rich purple (the Stichite). This is a wonderful combination of energies to link the heart chakra with the 3rd eye chakra, allowing you to connect to your heart and listen to your inner intuition. It can strengthen feelings of love, compassion and caring for the suffering of others. By opening our hearts to others, we can’t help but be respectful to our Mother Earth. Atlantisite can assist us in connecting to the mind and heart of Mother Nature.

( see my blog post on using Chrysocolla another powerful stone for earth healing)

So what can you do this Earth Day and everyday? Here are some simple suggestions.

  • Choose a gemstone like Atlantisite to remind you of your commitment to Planet Earth. Place it somewhere where you will see it everyday, perhaps in your bathroom as a reminder to use less water while you wash.
  • Give up bottled water. According to the Sierra Club, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles every year in the United States. So try a PVC-free stainless steel water bottle and refill it regularly.
  • Incorporate organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo clothing into your wardrobe. The production of non-organic cotton is responsible for 25 percent of the United States’ insecticide usage.
  • Plant a tree, or donate to an organization that will plant one in your name.
  • Take cloth bags to the grocery store. If you’re like me you forget to bring them back to the store each time you shop. Hang them up by your coat rack or where you keep you shoes so you won’t forget next time.
  • Get outdoors and enjoy nature. Better yet, take someone you love with you. Share a beautiful walk filled with love and appreciation for our Earth.
  • Choose eco-friendly cleaning solutions made of lemon juice, vinegar, and essential oils, instead of cleaners with harsh chemicals.
  • Show gratitude for all life

Did you know that Earth Day started in 1970? It all began when Senator Gaylord declared a day to celebrate, learn and teach others about our planet. The emphasis was on learning how to live gently on the Earth. Gaylord wanted to raise awareness about the growing problems with the environment. So, every year a day is set aside to focus on the environment and the planet we all share together. Wouldn’t it be nice if we celebrated every day as if it were Earth Day?

There are many little ways we can make a difference to help our planet. Making small life style changes can add up to big differences if we all pitch in. We can make an impact on the planet’s health.

If you’d like more information on ways to celebrate Earth Day and make a difference check out these web sites.

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Green Garnet, A Prosperity Stone

Natural Green Garnet Crystals

Looking for a new prosperity gemstone? Check out Green Garnet.  They are wonderful for encouraging prosperity and overcoming scarcity, lack and limitations. Certainly a stone for these crazy economic times.
Green Garnet can be the catalyst for changing your thinking from one of lack into one of abundance. If you are ready to begin seeing all that you do have, rather than everything you don’t have, Green Garnet can show you the way.
Green Garnet’s loving energy helps us to overcome scarcity by reinforcing the loving vibration of the Earth. The Earth provides unlimited resources. Tap into this awareness with the help of Green Garnet. Reach into the unlimited potential within yourself. When you see yourself as abundant on the inside, abundance will be reflected on the outside.
Green Garnet helps us to perceive true abundance in our lives, which can’t be measure by material possessions.   Green Garnet’s gift is to help us celebrate the abundance in our lives and feel the joy that comes from living an abundant life. Call forth abundance, prosperity, health and well being as your birth right and welcome in the loving energies of Green Garnet.
Green Garnet is found in Afica and is also known as Tsavorite Garnet. They are a beautiful gemmy green color and form in natural crystal shapes.
Attuned to the pure green ray of Green Garnet
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