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Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

June 12, 2013

Recently I was offering Crystal Readings and Consultations at a local Intuitive Arts Fair. One of the main issues I saw coming up for people was the question of potential. The stone Nirvana Quartz kept showing up in the readings. When Nirvana Quartz pops up in a reading it often asks the question, ” Are you living up to your potential?” For some people being asked this question is like getting hit over the head with a board. This is the kind of question that can seriously wake you up. Somewhere deep inside we know if we are living up to our potential or purpose. We know that some how we are off track. We are derailed. Whether through outside circumstances, or just plain laziness, we have allowed ourselves to accept something less than we know we are capable of. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is, the important […]

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A Song For The Earth: “The Time Has Come”

May 9, 2013

This past Earth Day I offered a special “Healing Crystals Dancing Dolphin Retreat” to celebrate Earth Day, off the coast of Key West, FL with my friend Capt. Victoria of Dancing Dolphin Spirits Charters. Six women joined us in ceremony for Earth Healing. Together we created a Crystal Mandala energy grid in the sand of a uninhabited mangrove island using Earth healing crystals & gemstones. We offered prayers and blessings to the Earth and all its people. One of the woman on our retreat, Gail Lima shared an Earth Day song she co-wrote along with her husband Franco Richmond and Faith Ainbinder Lang. Because Earth Day is really everyday, this is a song that can be sung for the Earth all year long. The song was written for the Earth Summit in 1992 held in Brazil. Gail & Franco created musical bells made out of recycled aluminum, called Wow Earth […]

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Clear Quartz Crystals: The all purpose Crystal

April 26, 2013

Have you ever wondered which gemstone or crystal is right for you? It doesn’t matter if you are new to stones or have been collecting crystals for many years. This question always comes up. How do I know which stone to use in this particular situation?  Let this question be a start to the discovery of the amazing and versatile world of  Clear Quartz Crystals. What makes a clear Quartz so special?  Because it is clear, it contains all the colors of the rainbow. Quartz Crystals contain within them the full spectrum of light. They can be used like any other stone. There are so many beautiful, colorful gemstones with their vibrant colors,  unusual structures , unique forms and inherit energy properties that we often forget to reach for the Quartz Crystal. This clear stone can energetically act like any of the color stones. The clear quartz is your all […]

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Buying the Perfect Incense – A Guide

April 11, 2013

I’m so pleased to welcome my first guest blogger Rita Rova who wrote this informative article on how to buy the perfect incense. I too love to use incense. I often burn incense when creating and designing my gemstone jewelry. Incense may be a sort of look into the past, but it is one of the most enjoyed things of today. The right incense can help you relax after a long day, recharge you for the day ahead, send you off into a blissful sleep, get you in the mood for romance, and so on. But there are so many varieties out there. You are literally just a few clicks away from hundreds, if not thousands of different scents and aromas, which is certainly great, but also makes choosing quite difficult. Is there a way to narrow down the options? Before you choose a fragrance, you will first have to […]

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Where To Buy Crystals In The Florida Keys

March 24, 2013

During the winter months from November through April I live in The Florida Keys, on the island of Big Pine Key. I have my very own showroom here, I call it The Crystal Cottage. The “Cottage” is a space where I can lay out my ever changing collection of Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals, Healing Gemstone Jewelry and other tools for personal growth. The crystals and stones love to be out in the open air, where they receive plenty of light from the many windows in The Crystal Cottage. When I’m not in Florida the stones are boxed up and travel with me to Metaphysical Expos, Gem shows  and Art & Craft shows.  It is  a real treat to leave them out, carefully arranged on the tables and shelves where they can be admired, loved and purchased by those who come through The Crystal Cottage. Recently I received an email from someone […]

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Take A Bath With Crystals And Gemstones

March 12, 2013

Have you ever taken a bath with a crystal or gemstone? It might sound strange at first to think about putting stones in your bath tub,  this is just one more way of receiving the healing benefits that gemstones can offer us. What do you look forward to after a long stressful day at work? Coming home and taking a long, hot bath, right? We all know that soaking in a tub after a hard day helps to melt away the stress, so adding soothing, calming stones like Lepidolite, Larimar, or Kunzite to your bath water will help calm and relax you after the day from “hell”. Here is my favorite recipe for a relaxing bath: Place a piece of Lepidolite into the tub allowing the water to run over it as the tub fills. If you have more than one piece you can add them too. Just be sure […]

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Shungite A Medicine For The 21st Century?

February 28, 2013

How can a  stone  be called “a medicine of the 21st century”  Well, I wondered that myself.    I’d been hearing about a new stone coming out of Russia for a few months before my last buying trip. So of course it was on my shopping list.  A google search brought me to web sites declaring its miraculous healing abilities.  How could they be making these blatant claims I wondered? Russian scientist have investigated this rock Shungite for several decades and report that it restores health and vitality. It is said to relieve headaches, backaches, arthritis, relieve pain, normalize sleep, stabilize blood pressure, clear respiratory tract, and increase energy. Upon further investigation I found out that Shungite is a Precambrian rock of metamorphosed coal. It is made up of 98% carbon. Shungite is found in only one area of Russia, Karelia. Scientists estimate that the age of Shungite is about two […]

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How To Charge Your Drinking Water Using A Quartz Crystal

February 24, 2013

During the next full moon, try this simple full moon ritual using a quartz crystal to charge and energize your drinking water.   Place a clear quartz crystal into a glass or bowl. Fill the container with pure fresh water. You can use any size glass or bowl depending on how much drinking water you would like to make. It’s best to use a glass or ceramic container. Do not use metal or plastic for your container. Any size quartz crystal will do. It is best to use a natural crystal point if you have one.   Place the glass container with the crystal in it where it will receive the light of the full moon. Let it sit out all night. If you can’t put the container outdoors, just place it by a window where it will receive the glow of the moon.   Drink this water first thing in […]

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The Colors Of The Heart

February 13, 2013

The colors Pink and Green are most often associated with Love and the Heart Chakra. When I designed my line of Gemstone Chakra Bracelets, I chose the stones Green Aventurine and Pink Rose Quartz to create a Heart opening and balancing chakra bracelet.   The color Pink emits a soft loving quality to heal the heart of emotional hurts and wounds. Pink Rose Quartz offers us a soft gentle vibration and speaks to us about Love. Love on all level’s. Love for one’s self, one’s life partner, children, friends, community, the Earth and the Divine.   The color green symbolizes health and healing, harmony with nature and abundance. Think for a moment how good you feel when surrounded by the deep green of the forest. Being out in nature has a way of connecting us to our heart chakra, assisting us in feeling open hearted and at one with everyone […]

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7 Day Chakra Balancing Program-Day 7, Crown Chakra

January 20, 2013

Welcome to Day Seven of the 7 Day Chakra Balancing Program. Today we’ll work with the Crown Chakra. If you are just joining in here, please see blog post Overview for information on how to begin this program .If you have the Spirals of Light Chakra Sprays you will use Divine Unity Spray today. To learn more about the Chakra Balancing Sprays check out our video: The Crown Chakra is referred to as Sahasrara in Sanskrit. Color: Purple or White.  Stones used in this spray are Clear Quartz. Essential oils used in this spray are Frankincense, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. This center is associated with our awareness and connection to our divinity. This is the Chakra that opens us to the Divine. This is the seat of our universal consciousness. The Crown Chakra brings us to higher realms. […]

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