Shamanite: A Newly Discovered Stone

Shamanite Bracelet with Quartz

Shamanite Bracelet with Quartz

Shamanite is a rare Black Calcite from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I was first introduced to Shamanite by my friend Charlie Mark from Florida of Mountain Mark Trading. Charlie is the world distributor for North American Black Calcite now known as Shamanite. I have been buying stones from Charlie for more than 16 years. Charlie is a distributor for the beautiful blue gemstone Larimar. So when Charlie contacted me that he would be selling the Shamanite at this years Denver Gem & Mineral show, I made sure I visited his booth and purchased a few rough polished pieces he had for sale.

Shamanite was recently discovered (2005) on privately-owned remote alpine property in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. After a year of geological research, this is now the only known deposit throughout the entire Rocky Mountain range and North America. It is said to be over 540 million years old and contains many trace minerals and micro-fossils. Shamanite is believed to be used by Native Americans for centuries for ceremonial objects. Shamanite has often been mistaken for Jet. Its color ranges from inky-black to a smoky taupe and mocha-brown. Shamanite is sometimes called “Toho”(Mountain Lion”) by tribal healers and artists.

What I noticed first in holding the stone is that it is very gentle to the touch even though it is hard, it has a soft feel to it. I wanted to rub its surface like a worry stone, turning the stone over and over in my hand. It felt very comfortable and familiar almost like a well worn coat that served to keep me warm and protected from the cold.

In reading Robert Simmons new book, Stones for the New Consciousness, he writes that Shamanite can be very useful for initiating shamanic journeys and it can help one to connect inwardly with power animals and spirit guides. It is a stone of the ancestors, aiding in communication with spiritual elders and guides on the other side as well as loved ones who have passed. It is a stone of soul retrieval. Shamanite offers spiritual protection to those who simply wear or carry it.

I am offering several pieces of Shamanite for sale on my web site  Also available, Shamanite bracelets.  See my Healing Jewelry web page:

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