Full Moon- how to cleanse your crystals

Full moon is a great time to energetically clear and cleanse your crystals and gemstones.  Clear Quartz crystals amplify whatever energies that surround them.  So it is a good idea to periodically clear and cleanse them of any unwanted energy- bad moods, negative thoughts, arguments that kind of unwanted energy. This is especially important to do if you are going to use the crystals for healing. 

 One of my favorite ways to cleanse my stones is to put them outside under the full moon.  The energy of the moon light washes away anything that is no longer needed.  I like to leave them out all night and into the next day so they can be charged by the light of the sun.  I happen to live in a very safe area where I can do this, but  if needed place them by a window where the light of the moon can shine on to them. The day before the full moon and the day after are also acceptable times to cleanse your stones. You can place them directly on the ground or put them on a soft cloth and lay them on a table where the moon light will shine brightly onto the stones.

I often find that after I have placed my crystals in the moonlight, they have a brighter glow to them, shining, radiating and ready to be of service. All color gemstones can be cleansed by the moon too.

  So get  your stones out and give them a full moon bath!

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10 Responses to Full Moon- how to cleanse your crystals

  1. Yahimba says:

    I soak all my crystals together in a jar filled with spring water and a fresh basil leaf. I wash my hands with the crystal basil water and it attracts money!

  2. Debra says:

    Yahimba, thanks for sharing. I love it! I’ll try it.

  3. Mia Rose says:

    Hello Debra,
    My name is Mia Rose I am a student and I collect crystals and minerals. I love them so much and individuality each one possess. I often pray or meditate with my crystals and I also soak my crystals during a full moon. Thank you so much for this website; it gave me a wonderful insight. I am situated on the Gold Coast and I was wondering if you knew any good crystal shops or outlets, where I could purchase some crystals or minerals.
    Thank you, Mia Rose.

    P.S The email is currently down, so could we communicate with this web page.

  4. i like this web i am going to save this thank you for this web

  5. i love this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  6. Thanks Tittany,
    Glad you liked this article. Hope it helped inspire you.

  7. munster says:

    @Mia Rose Old town san diego has many shops. The best is called south american imports. Low prices and everything you can imagine, gems, crystals and everything at very low prices

  8. rani says:

    came across your website by default. Once the crystals have been recharged by the moon and sun would they need to be re-washed again. I have done this but based on different methods.


  9. Debra says:

    Hi Rani,
    Glad you found my web site. I find the moon & sun energy to be very clearing and energizing, so the crystals do not need any further washing. Thanks for your question.

  10. Rula says:

    Thanks for reiterating what I already suspected to be a way to cleanse my tools/crystals and stones during a full moon esp for my clients. I encourage women to put a bowl(bowl should be designated for spiritual purposes) to place water in the full Moon overnight and drink it the following morning.

    I have found it rejuvinates and cleanses the insides.


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