Manifesting with Crystals

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

I am giving a presentation tomorrow night, Thursday June 25, on Manifesting with Crystals. This event is being sponsored  by the Purple Phoenix  It will be held at the Asante Center in Durango Colorado.
I’ll be talking about how to use gemstones in our everyday lives to manifest the quality of life we desire.  The secret is out, we create our own realities.  Gemstones are wonderful tools to assist us in setting intention, finding focus and bringing our desires and dreams into form.  We  are more powerful than we recognize.  We are powerful creative beings.
In order to manifest we have to see life as we want it, not how it is.  We give our attention and our intention to what we prefer.  This is where gemstones can come in to help us.
Gemstones are energy in form.  They can carry our intentions and desires into form.
If we are going to make a change in our life, bring a thought, desire, wish, dream into physical form we first need to:
1. Know what we want.  Get clear.  Sometimes a way to know what we want is to know what we don’t want.  The gemstone Hematite is a stone they can help us get clear and focus on what we want.  It is a grounding stone.  When we are grounded and connected to the earth plane we can see what it is we are wanting.  When we are ungrounded our energies are all over the place, we flit from one thought to the next, never holding on to a thought or desire long enough to bring it into form. Hematite helps us to focus.  Hematite works to bring mental clarity.
2. Set intention.  Setting intention gives energy to the desire.  Set focus long enough to bring it into existence.  The gemstone Citrine is a stone that can help us to put energy into intention.  It helps us to get clear on our desires and intentions.  Getting clear on our intention is really the first step in manifesting.  Chose a Citrine to help you set your intention and  it will energize your personal will  by connecting you to your solar plexus chakra.
3. Let go of whatever has held you back from receiving.  Let go of the negative thinking that surrounds whatever it is that you are wanting to manifest.  Sometimes this it the tricky part.  Our minds get in the way and tell us, we can never have what it is we are wanting.  Step out of old programs, old ways of thinking.  Chose Black Tourmaline as a stone that can help absorb the negative thinking.  Think of Black Tourmaline like doing a smudging of your intentions, clearing away the parts that no longer serve you, leaving you with clear, positive, powerful intention.
Crystals and gemstones can help us find focus and clarity, set intention and bring desires into form. 
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5 Responses to Manifesting with Crystals

  1. Marina says:

    I have a new book out in August called Manifesting with Crystals – I wish I lived closer to you to be able to attend one of your workshops -but now I know your web site I can buy some jewelry!
    Marina Costelloe

  2. Debra says:

    I’ll be sure to look for your new book!

  3. Marina says:

    blessings to you Debra,
    Just looking for spiralsoflight on twitter now !!
    I am crystalsplus

  4. Jennifer says:

    Have you had any experience manifesting with moldavite?
    What about using moldavite and orgonite together? I feel very drawn to moldavite and feel and intense energy. I have to use a grounding stone with it. I also feel a great connection to orgone energy. (I wear my orgonite pendant daily.) These both have such high vibrations that I’m afraid using them together might be too powerful. (Although I am rather addicted to that powerful energy!)

    Any thoughts or advice? Thank you!!

  5. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments and questions.
    Moldavite is a wonderful, high vibration stone, isn’t it! Glad you have found it as a powerful ally. It is wise to keep some grounding stones near by when using Moldavite. I don’t have much experience with orgone energy, so I can’t say how they are together. My experiences have shown me to go slow with these higher vibrational stones. Find some quiet time to just be with the stones and connect to their energies. Sit and give them thanks for finding their way to you. Slowly you will know how to work with them as you attune to their energies.
    Yes, I have used Moldavite as a stone for manifestation. How it worked for me was to clear away my doubts about what it was I was wanting to manifest. Moldavite always empowers me as a manifestor. Hope this helps.
    Be sure to check out my Blog post on Moldavite.

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