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Crystal Overview
rose quartzRose quartz crystals derive their name from the rose flower. The translucent pink crystal has an association with love, nature, colour and beliefs. They come in different intensity of pink, where some appear to have the colour at deeper levels. They work by transforming energies, making vibrations as well as responding to the flow of emotions. The crystals are found mostly in Brazil, India, Madagascar and some parts of the United States.
Rose Quartz as the Stone of Love

Most of these crystals have been associated with the heart chakra, making it desirable for establishing a connection with emotions. The stone is referred to as the stone of love due to the many characters of love associated with it. The ancient Greeks believed that this unique crystal was a spiritual gift that was meant to ignite love and happiness in people. The stone is believed to stimulate some positive power to any person who holds it.


Uses of Rose Quartz
Rose quartz meaning has been described to be ‘love with no limits’. Its ability to induce positivity in people has been associated with the ability to strengthen love among people, as well as maintaining relationships.


The crystals are said to be associated with the heart chakra, a center for human bonding with others that brings in high feelings such as love and care among many others. These properties are believed to strengthen relationships among people. They help diminish any blockage that may hinder individual’s emotional growth.


The Rose quartz crystals possess healing powers. The stone is said to aid in blood circulation as well as maintaining a healthy heart. Its concept of healing has also been reported to control heart attacks.


The crystals can provide a self-healing mechanism. They are believed to control mental related problems such as depression, inactiveness, and insomnia. It sends its powers to the psychological sector, especially the brain. Thus, it drives out the pain that may lead to depression and stress from the subconscious mind. Those suffering from insomnia are said to keep it under their pillows as it invokes good feelings and dreams hence helping control the problem.


Since rose quartz crystals are so beautiful, they have found great use in homes and many other places in the form of decorations. Today, many people use the crystals as gifts to demonstrate love.


Other Meanings of Rose Quartz            Rose Quartz


Rose quartz has found its significance as a symbol of forgiveness and kindness. The stone has found use as decoration or a gift. Apart from being a crystal, the stone symbolizes various aspects of positive feelings and actions such as kindness, compassion, unity.


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In my 25 plus years of selling crystals and stones I’ve found that most people are familiar with the Gemstone Amethyst. Those lucky enough to be born in February can claim Amethyst as their birthstone.   amethystAmethyst has long been admired for its purple color and beautiful crystal formations. Amethyst is one of the most popular stones in the mineral kingdom. Amethyst is found in many places around the planet, most notably Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia and the USA.

My research showed me that not only is Amethyst a popular stone for our modern times, but it was also prized as far back as 25,000 BC where is was found in Europe and ancient Greece. Early Roman and Greek cultures were known to regard the energy properties of Amethyst as special.
The name Amethyst comes from the Greek word meaning “Not To Drunken”. The Greeks believed that Amethyst would prevent intoxication and this stone is still used today to help with addictions associated with alcohol and other intoxicants.

Amethyst, a stone for meditation:

Amethyst is widely known as a stone of Spirituality and Intuition. It can help us connect to our spiritual selves and hear our very own inner voice or higher guides. In my Crystal Healing sessions I often recommend it to those who want to develop a meditation practice. I keep several pieces of Amethyst on my meditation altar and find that it helps to calm my mind during meditation. It also works like a great motivator or reminder to practice meditation. There’s many day I just don’t have the time or the desire to meditate but when I see that beautiful purple stone I’m reminded of my intent and sit down, if even for a few minutes.
Amethyst to Open the 3rd Eye Chakra:

6ThirdEyeChakraSpray I add Amethyst along with Clear Quartz Crystal in my Chakra Balancing Spray for the 3rd eye Chakra to help clear & balance this Chakra.

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead just above and behind the eyes. This center is associated with intuitive powers and insight. It is the place of psychic energy, telepathy, clairvoyance and channeling. The 3rd eye Chakra offers us the energy to awaken and to release our self-limiting ideas and beliefs. We can come to understand our divine purpose and reach for perfection through the 3rd Eye Chakra. The 3rd Eye Chakra encourages us to open to the spiritual aspects of ourselves and the gemstone Amethyst can assist us in doing this.

Amethyst for Spiritual Protection:
can be used to prevent psychic attacks and is known as a stone for spiritual protection. Amethyst is associated with the ascended master St. Germaine of the Violet Flame who is known to bring spiritual protection to those who evoke his name.  St. Germain is called upon to rid oneself of negative Karma and associations as he purifies us through the Violet Flame. Amethyst works similarly helping us to protect ourselves from negativity.  I’ve found Amethyst to be especially helpful for those who suffer from nightmares. Placing a piece of Amethyst under the pillow can help bring peaceful sleep. Children seem to be very receptive to the protective qualities of Amethyst.

Wearing Amethyst:
Because of Amethyst’s popularity it is easy to find it as jewelry. Wearing Amethyst can help you maintain a feeling of inner calm and connection to your intuition. It can help stimulate psychic abilities so it can be of benefit to those who offer intuitive readings or to energy healers. I love working with Amethyst in my jewelry designs and often use it with the Symbol OM. Om is also a reminder for me of my connection to my spiritual nature.  amethystClick here to view this Amethyst necklace with the OM symbol



How To Use Gemstones To Attract Love

January 24, 2018

Love and romance are such sought-after prizes that even tales of the gods of old featured them chasing after it, sometimes unsuccessfully. To be loved, people have started wars and gone to unimaginable lengths. These days, it’s not really practical to start a war to meet your future soulmate, but falling in love is just as hard as it has been throughout human history. Dating is a grind, and various methods of meeting new people sometimes yield nothing. Surrounding each of us is energy that comes from our thoughts, our moods, and actions. This energy surrounds everything – energy moves the air around us, holds molecular structures together in solid formations, and even gets emitted in our behavior toward others. To align your own energy with that which attracts love to you requires surrounding yourself with the right sort of energy, and this is where gemstones come in. Gemstones carry […]

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Dumortierite, what took me so long to discover you?

January 8, 2018

They say the teacher will appear when the student is ready. Well, that’s how I feel about this stone Dumortierite. Dumortierite just recently came into my awareness. It’s not that I didn’t know about this lovely blue stone. I’ve seen it many times at the gem shows I’ve attended over the past 20 years. So what made this year’s buying trip different? It was the Dumortierite included inside quartz crystal that caught my attention. I’ve always enjoyed the vibration of minerals that are contained within quartz. The Quartz accentuates the vibration of the mineral it grows with, creating a higher vibration. These powerful Dumortierite Included stones come from Brazil and are a much rarer form of this stone. Dumortierite can vary in color from deep indigo blue to a light blue almost like a washed out pair of blue jeans. So what is this stone teaching me at this time? […]

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Balance your Chakras with Gemstones

January 3, 2018

Many of us love the way a gemstone looks or how the color of the stone makes us feel, and a great piece of jewelry can make an outfit! However, some believe gemstones also have healing energies, and that each stone may be associated with a certain area of the body. To use gemstones for their energies, however, means learning about each gemstone. Amethyst is known for calming, rose quartz is associated with love or the heart and aquamarine also calms and is linked to the throat. Be aware, though, that the association of gemstones with energies or alleged healing powers isn’t backed or proven by science or medical doctors. But if you love gemstones and crystals, have fun with them. There are many different crystals and gemstones that can be utilized and worn. Some individuals carry a gemstone for their perceived energies…and gemstones also can be carved into touchstones. […]

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The Birthstone for January is Garnet

January 3, 2018

Vibrant, rich, red. Those words describe January’s birthstone: Red Garnet   Garnets are found in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless. The rarest of these is the blue Garnet. The  Red Garnet is the most common and known as the birthstone for January as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Garnets were used ever since the Bronze Age.  They were used in Ancient Egypt. They were also found in ancient Greece and Roman civilizations. Even today, Garnets are still a popular and much loved gemstone. Garnets are known as a feminine energy stone.  Over my 20 plus years of selling stones, I have witnessed over and over the strong appeal Garnet holds for women.  Some women just seemed drawn to its feminine energies and find it difficult to wear any other stone but Garnet! Garnet stimulates the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra, making it a useful stone […]

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Peridot for Well Being- Birthstone For August

July 25, 2017

I love Peridot.  Maybe because it is my birthstone. Peridot is the birthstone for August.  But I didn’t always love it.  I can remember as a kid getting the yellow green stone for my birthday and wishing my birthstone was more exciting, like maybe the rich color of purple Amethyst or bright shiny Diamond.  It wasn’t until I was much older that my appreciation  for Peridot took hold.  Once I discovered its subtle energies I was won over. Peridot is often used in crystal healing and there are many good reasons why. Peridot has a long history of uses.  The Egyptians made Peridot beads  2,500 years ago.  It was also used to make rings and other jewelry. In Greece and Rome Peridot is considered a stone of royalty.  Since ancient times Peridot was viewed as a symbol of the sun. Sometimes it was worn as a protection stone.  Peridot was believed to bring wealth to […]

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Crystal Healing for the Home: How To Build your Temple by Guest Blogger Brandy Gray

July 17, 2017

A family is made up of a group of people who equally participate in creating the dynamics of their own functioning system, each funneling their individual energy or resonance of their beingness into one channel or reservoir. Optimally creating a level of harmony so that the whole feels fulfilled and complete. This is also how a family, or community of crystals may work together as a crystal-energy-elixir. By synergistically working together, crystals can harmonize, stabilize and strengthen the flow of energy throughout the home. I create patterns and crystal energy grids utilizing many types of healing crystals depending on our family’s needs. I often rotate the setting or placement of these energy grids from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and even the outdoor garden sanctuary space. I am also inspired to place individual crystals around different areas of our home because each stone or combination of stones offers something valuable […]

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Crystal Healing With Carnelian & Hematite

July 2, 2017

In this Crystal Blog, I’m sharing with you an email one of my Crystal Students recently shared with me. This is the story of a Mother who is learning how to use crystals and stones in her everyday life with her two young children and her husband. I hope it will be an inspiration to you who read this and offer encouragement on using crystals for healing with Kids. “Dear Debra, I felt inspired to share with you another crystal healing experience I had with my 8 year old son He typically disregards my spiritual nature and inclinations but when he is ill, naturally, he allows me to do my work. Yesterday I relieved his nausea and discomfort with Carnelian and Hematite. I’m learning which stones work for our family and how to use them for healing. My son was in great physical discomfort and suffering with stomach cramps and […]

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The healing vibration of Selenite

May 19, 2017

Selenite has become one of my favorite healing stones. I almost always use it in my Crystal Reiki Sessions as it can clear blocked energy making it very helpful for opening blocked chakras and cleansing the Aura. Its gift is that it can “melt” away negativity and blockages on all levels, from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A very useful tool for any energy healer or Reiki practioner Physical: Place a piece of Selenite on any area of the body that needs healing and visualize the stone melting away the energy blockage, pain or tension. Emotional: Hold a piece of Selenite, take 3 deep breaths. With each outbreath allow your energy to settle into a more relaxed space. It is especially helpful to the nervous system. Mental: Selenite is a wonderful stone to use for mental clarity and focus. It helps to ease mental chatter and brings about a sense […]

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