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Quartz Crystal   Spring is the perfect time to offer a clearing ceremony to purify and cleanse the energy in your home or office. Crystals and Gemstones can help clear and renew the energy of your home, create sacred space and help you set new intentions.

Do you clean your home for Spring? The once a year deep clean? Shake out the carpets, clean the curtains and sweep out the cob webs?
So why not clear your home of stale and unwanted energy?

Here a simple ritual to do after you cleaned out the clutter and freshened up your space to help recharge and re energize your home or work space.

Materials you will want to have before you begin:

Start with some clear quartz crystal points. Any size will do.
Add some Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection
Sage, Palo Santo or incense to use for smudging
White Candle

Preparation for the cleansing ceremony

You may want to begin this ceremony in the morning or on a new moon closest to the Spring Equinox.                           smudging

Light the candle and set your intention for clearing your space and creating a sacred space that supports you and your intentions.
Light the sage, Palo Santo or incense and energetically clear your stones by passing them through the smoke with the intention to clear any energy that is stuck on the stones.

The Ceremony

Take a few long, slow, deep breaths in and out through the nose to ground youself, and bring you into the present moment. Now move through your home or workspace carrying the smudge with you, move in a clock-wise motion, starting in the northwest. If the work space or home has more than one room, you will move through each room in this clockwise fashion, beginning in the northwest and ending in the west.

Envision each room filled with light and joy.

Once you have completed the smudging come back and retrieve your stones.

black tourmaline  Begin with the Black Tourmaline, deciding where to place it (them if you have several) where it will best serve to protect your space. Perhaps that is by the front door or in the four corners of your house. As you do this visualize a protective shield that you are building in and around the space with the protective vibrations of Black Tourmaline.

Next take your clear quartz crystals and hold them while you clearly vision your intentions for your space.
Quartz Crystals receive, send and amplify energy so you can direct your intention by waving the crystal around and through each room. Hold the intention clearly in your mind’s eye. Move slowly and deliberately always coming back to your breath to guide you. Know that you are planting the seeds for all that you desire.

Now place the crystals in places where you will be reminded of your intentions. This may be near your bed, in your bathroom, or by your work space. Each time you see the stones you can connect to the intention you set.

You might choose intentions for peace, harmony, balance, success, health and healing. Choose what best serves you at this time.

This ceremony with crystals and stones can be a powerful tool to create sacred space and bless all that you long for.

Black Tourmaline – Is a powerful protection stones as it can both repel and protect against negativity. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another. It can also deflect negative energy turning it back to where it has come from. This stone is wonderful for giving support to any situation in life.

Quartz – Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It magnifies energy. It can be programmed to hold intention and assist in the manifestation of the focused intent. A powerful meditation tool. Useful as a dream stone, assisting in remembering and interpreting dreams.


lepidolite Let’s face it, we live in a stressful time of uncertainty. With so much chaos in the world how can any of us remain calm and centered? While we can’t change our outer world, we can make some choices about how we react to the world we live in.

That’s where choosing the stone Lepidolite can help us transform our automatic reactions into thoughtful responses that come from a place of calm.

Life is filled with change and change can be a trigger point of stress, fear, worry and anxiety.

Because Lepidolite is a lithium based stone it is most effective for calming frayed nerves, helping us to release stress and worry. Lithium is used in anti- anxiety and depression medications. Lepidolite can help to ease negative thoughts and soothe emotions such as grief, anger and depression. Lepidolite can also help to remove emotional attachments such as resentment and envy.

Lepidolite helps to clear blocked energies in any of the Chakras throughout the meridian system. It is especially comforting to the Heart Chakra, the energy center that is most often effective with changes in our lives that we don’t choose. Lepidolite helps to transform negative energy and encourages peace, forgiveness, safety, harmony and unity.

Collecting Lepidolite in Colorado

I love to go crystal digging (see my post about digging for crystals in Arkansas) Two summers ago I was invited to go crystal collecting in central Colorado for Lepidolite. With special permission we were able to dig at an old lithium mine. The mine was located in a beautiful setting over 7,000 feet in a remote area very hard to find. A four wheel drive vehicle was necessary to make it up the rugged hills. Once we found the old mine, we were in heaven, as there was plenty of lepidolite to be found. From small pieces of Lepidolite mica to larger hard pieces mixed in with pegmatite, it was fairly easy to collect a 5 gallon bucket in a hour or so.        lepidolite collecting

At one point, I found myself sitting up against a large pine tree in what I call a blissed out lepidolite haze. I was so calm, so relaxed and at peace with the beauty around me that I had totally forgotten why I was there. That’s when my friend who was collecting with me came over and asked me what I was doing and if I was already finished collecting these treasures. Of course I wasn’t finished! I was in a place of contentment surrounded by all this Lepidolite. Still till this day, if I’m stressed or worried I can bring myself back to that day on that mountain in Colorado and tune right in to the peaceful energy of Lepidolite.

So, if you are ready to let go of stress, worry and anxiety call on the peaceful easy vibration of Lepidolite.

lepidolite ball                                                                    Ahhh….Lepdiolite. Thank you for your calming vibration



The Birthstone for January is Garnet

January 3, 2017

Vibrant, rich, red. Those words describe January’s birthstone: Red Garnet. Garnets are found in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless. The rarest of these is the blue Garnet. The  Red Garnet is the most common and known as the birthstone for January as adopted by the American National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Garnets were used ever since the Bronze Age.  They were used in Ancient Egypt. They were also found in ancient Greece and Roman civilizations. Even today, Garnets are still a popular and much loved gemstone. Garnets are known as a feminine energy stone.  Over my 20 plus years of selling stones, I have witnessed over and over the strong appeal Garnet holds for women.  Some women just seemed drawn to its feminine energies and find it difficult to wear any other stone but Garnet! Garnet stimulates the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra, making it a useful stone to […]

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Ring out the old, ring in the new!

December 22, 2016

    End of the year Crystal ritual: I’d like to share with you one of my favorite crystal rituals for saying good bye to the outgoing year and welcoming in the new year. I find it very helpful to spend some time reflecting on the passing year. I start by asking myself questions.   What was my biggest success of the year?   What was my biggest upset?   What was the biggest surprise? These kinds of questions allow me to take a good look at the positives and the negatives of the year. As reflect back I can see things that no longer serve me, thoughts, fears, worries, disappoints that I may still be holding on to. I know that the time is now to let these thoughts go. I don’t choose to take this negativity into the new year. I can leave these fears behind and welcome […]

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5 Stones To Cleanse Your Home For The New Year

December 21, 2016

Start the New Year off with an energetic cleansing of your home or office. We all need to cleanse our environments from time to time to release built up stagnant energy. The New Year is the perfect time to invigorate your personal space with the help of Crystals. Here’s a list of 5 Healing Crystals that help clear an area of negative energy:   Selenite: Selenite is a clear form of gypsum. Selenite can have a very intense energy and it is useful in conducting energy. Selenite can clear blocked energy making it very helpful for opening restricted or         stagnant energy in any environment. Selenite wands are very powerful healing tools and and can be waved through the air to move energy or placed in a room to melt away energy blockages. Selenite  works well with the energies of other stones. Like quartz it can amplify energy and actually cleanse […]

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2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

December 14, 2016

  Time is running out for holiday shoppers who plan to mail items to loved ones, especially if you want to avoid higher shipping fees.  Although you can ship items right up until Christmas Eve, the rush delivery comes with a cost. If you want to avoid added fees or after   Christmas arrivals plan ahead.  Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. Here are some Holiday Shipping Deadline—-  2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Delivery Companies  FedEx   Dec. 12 – FedEx Smartpost Dec. 16 – Home Delivery and Ground Dec. 20 – Express Saver Dec. 21 – 2-Day and 2-Day a.m. Dec. 22 – Standard Overnight, Priority Overnight, and First Overnight Dec. 23 – SameDay City (Standard) Dec. 25 – SameDay and SameDay City (Priority) UPS Dec. 19 – UPS 3 Day Select Dec. 21 – UPS 2nd Day Air Dec. 22 – UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air (Saturday Option) Dec. 23 – UPS Next Day Air […]

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The Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key-the place to find your next special crystal

November 10, 2016

Have you been looking for a special crystal? Are you looking for someone to explain to you the healing qualities of a stone, crystal, or special rock? Come to The Crystal Cottage on Big Pine Key, in The Florida Keys and meet Debra Kupchok. She is a certified Crystal Therapist with over 28 years’ experience working with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones. The Crystal Cottage is her showroom, filled with hundreds of crystals, stones, minerals and healing gemstone jewelry. The Crystal Cottage is THE source for crystals in The Florida Keys. You’ll find many unique and hard to find stones, like Covellite, Phenicite, White Moldavite, alongside old favorites like Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz. Debra travels to the big gem shows like Tucson and Denver to hand select each and every stone for its quality and price. This is reflected in the variety of what is available. Debra also […]

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Heal Yourself with Gemstones by guest blogger Aditi Aggarwa

November 8, 2016

There are a number of gemstones that are used achieve success in life and business and forreceiving various of healing effect. Every gem has some type of health benefit that is used by peoplearound the globe. To derive these benefits through the gemstones, there is a procedures that one can follow to get the best results. First, a continuous skin contact is helpful with the gem to let it transfer its energy to the body. This can be simply done by wearing the gemstone embedded in different kind of ornaments like necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants or talismans. The transfer of energy from the gems starts the healing process and the wearer starts getting results with the passage of time. While it is helpful to keep the gemstone in contact with the skin, one can to make sure that the gemstone suits the wearer. This can be done by confirming it from an experinced astrologer, […]

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Get Some Sleep With The Gemstone Petalite

November 1, 2016

The holidays are fast approaching. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a time of celebration and fun, but it can also be a time of exhaustion. Traveling, parties, “on- the- go” can lead to sleep deprivation. Do you need a good night’s sleep? The stone I use to help me get to sleep and  for going back to sleep if I awake during the night is the beautiful, soft energy of Petalite. Because Petalite is a Lithium bearing mineral it offers a soft balanced energy. Petalite’s energy is one of rest and healing.  Petalite can take me to a space where worries and concerns melt away, so that I can easily drift off to sleep, worry free of the days events and tomorrows concerns. Petalite gives me a sense that all is right in the world.  With a calm mind I can move into a restful state and give my body the sleep it needs […]

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The Sacred Sound of OM

October 18, 2016

The sacred sound of OM Chances are you’ve heard the mantra OM. Maybe you’ve even chanted OM during a yoga class or before you meditate. So what is the meaning of OM? OM comes to us from ancient Sanskrit as more than just a word. It is a primal sound that represents the seed sound of all creation. It is believed that all matter comes from this sound. When saying the OM you are chanting a pure vibration of creation. The vibration of OM is said to have the same frequency as the universe. OM represent pure consciousness and that is why it is often chanted in yoga classes or before and after mediation, as a way to ignite an opening of our own pure consciousness or awakening. It is said that just by chanting this mantra over and over, the body’s nervous system will begin to calm and slow […]

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